Monday, April 17, 2017

New Update and all up on

Zardari's fight redone and shit-tons better, state's now clearer and easier to understand. Some abilities also changed around, regardless, saves from M:R's release build should be compatible.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Menagerie: Remastered! Progress Blog now live!

Our Prize Piggy!
So Menagerie, with no shadow of doubt, is an excellent game. We really went all in on this one. Definitely one of the most ambitious games I'd ever drafted, space dogfights, exploration of not only a world, but space, it's worlds, along with troves of optional content and easter eggs. Menagerie in it's first iteration was lacking a lot of that, Menagerie: Remastered completely renovated the gameplay and made the game much easier to get into, with a whole new and exceptionally brilliant OST and so much custom stuff it's bound to burst, you might wonder... why do we even need a progress log for it?
Okay no stop. The Answers won't come out of your blue pajamaed friend Fyori, look, we already discussed this!
It's not done.

We ultimately had to ship it by the designate date, which was 12/23/2014, ever since, I've slowly but surely been adding optional content onto it. I'm mostly waiting on some things. So Until I get those said things, there isn't a whole lot I can do, however I have mentioned I'll be making states easier to interpret, and making Zardari's bossfight less of a drag. Well both of those are practically already done. There's some tweaks still before Zardari feels right. But ultimately there's still a lot I wanted to do before I go releasing a new build, there's some pretty big bugs currently in the less directed of optional content, too.
However, the build currently available is pretty damn solid, so if you wanna try it out, you're more than welcome! We have the most up to date build on page, here: